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130701's January radios how recaps 2022

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Date Artist Venue City Country Country
28/01 The Twilight Sad 28/01 The Twilight Sad Assembly Rooms Edinburgh UK Edinburgh, UK
29/01 The Twilight Sad 29/01 The Twilight Sad Old Fruitmarket Glasgow UK Glasgow, UK
02/02 C Duncan 02/02 C Duncan Tramway Glasgow UK Glasgow, UK
24/02 Jennifer Touch 24/02 Jennifer Touch Heartbreakers Southampton UK Southampton, UK
08/03 Jennifer Touch 08/03 Jennifer Touch The Waiting Room London UK London, UK
28/04 MNNQNS 28/04 MNNQNS Château Rouge Annemasse France Annemasse, France
29/04 MNNQNS 29/04 MNNQNS 109 - Le Guingois Montluçon France Montluçon, France
Track Title