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LISTEN: Minor Pieces trail album with another new single

Former Dead Gaze frontman Cole Furlow shares new project - Low Variety

HATE Premiere: Steve Bicknell - 'Story Characheter' Out Now


Date Artist Venue City Country Country
17/09 The Growlers 17/09 The Growlers Songbirds North Chattanooga US Chattanooga, US
18/09 The Growlers 18/09 The Growlers Vinyl Music Hall Mobile US Mobile, US
19/09 Resina 19/09 Resina Unknown venue Kenilworth UK Kenilworth, UK
19/09 The Growlers 19/09 The Growlers Crowbar Tampa US Tampa, US
20/09 The Growlers 20/09 The Growlers Culture Room Fort Lauderdale US Fort Lauderdale, US
21/09 Jing 21/09 Jing Unknown venue Berlin Germany Berlin, Germany
21/09 Steve Bicknell 21/09 Steve Bicknell Unknown venue Berlin Germany Berlin, Germany
21/09 The Growlers 21/09 The Growlers The Plaza Live Orlando US Orlando, US
21/09 The Twilight Sad 21/09 The Twilight Sad Music Hall Aberdeen UK Aberdeen, UK
25/09 The Growlers 25/09 The Growlers Orange Peel Knoxville US Knoxville, US
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