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Shida Shahabi 'Shifts' EP OUT TODAY


Date Artist Venue City Country Country
11/11 The Twilight Sad 11/11 The Twilight Sad Vulkan Arena Oslo Norway Oslo, Norway
12/11 Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch 12/11 Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch Le Centquatre-Paris (104) Paris France Paris, France
13/11 The Twilight Sad 13/11 The Twilight Sad Vega Copenhagen Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark
14/11 MNNQNS 14/11 MNNQNS Le Romandie Lausanne Switzerland Lausanne, Switzerland
15/11 MNNQNS 15/11 MNNQNS Ninkasi Gerland Lyon France Lyon, France
15/11 The Twilight Sad 15/11 The Twilight Sad Mojo Club Hamburg Germany Hamburg, Germany
16/11 MNNQNS 16/11 MNNQNS Le Brise Glace Annecy France Annecy, France
16/11 The Twilight Sad 16/11 The Twilight Sad Club Volta Cologne Germany Cologne, Germany
17/11 The Twilight Sad 17/11 The Twilight Sad Zoom Frankfurt Germany Frankfurt, Germany
21/11 Shida Shahabi 21/11 Shida Shahabi Nachtasyl Hamburg Germany Hamburg, Germany
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