Various Artists


Not a compilation, Various Artists is instead the alias of two highly-regarded but anonymous Berlin-based producers. The pair were responsible for some of the most stunning, immersive electronics of the mid - late nineties, including material on Chain Reaction and their own label, Din.

Perceived by FatCat as one of the key releases in our back catalogue, the initial 12", '8, 8.5, 9' (released November '97) formed a stunning, immersive and hypnotic sound-scape, dragging the listener on a mesmerizing journey through shimmering, shifting textures and dubby effects.

Emerging a year later, a remix 12\"\" drew in an awesome array of talents to deliver four startling re-interpretations, with mixes from Funkstorung, Autechre, Pole and Monolake.

At the end of 1999, a CD compilation drew together those two 12\"s (previously only available on vinyl), including brand new mixes from Autechre and Arovane.

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