Focus On the Roller Coaster

by Mice Parade on FatCat Records

Released 01/12/2003

’Focus On The Roller Coaster’ was the first foray from Mice Parade’s album ‘Obrigado Saudade’. Mice Parade’s Adam Pierce is, it has to be said, something of a modern renaissance man; a New York based songwriter/multi-instrumentalist with fingers in many musical pies, a highly influential label (Bubble core) and distribution business.

’Focus...’ is a beguiling epic where shimmering piano rolls intertwine with acoustic guitar riffs and whispered vocals. Also included is the acoustic sketch ‘Spain’ which features the delicate vocals of Kristin Valtýsdóttir of Múm (who Adam occasionally plays drums for live).

Mice Parade’s forthcoming album ‘Obrigado Saudade’, melds song, melody and rhythmic exploration into a distinctly unique musical journey that shares a kinship with the folk-tinged electronica of Múm, ‘Loveless’ era My Bloody Valentine, and the esoteric cut and paste of Four Tet.

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