Pink Colour Surgery

by The Psychotic Monks on FatCat Records

Released 03/02/2023

Today The Psychotic Monks announce their third album Pink Colour Surgery, out 3rd February 2022 which is produced by Daniel Fox of Gilla Band - it’s composed in part by improvisations, and arrives as an act of resistance to the ambient violence. Disconcerting at first sight, this new opus operates in the dark a surgery of ethics which is fleshed out of pink for a staggering metamorphosis. Its very structure embarks us entirely on an initiatory trip full of secret corners, provided that we accept to dive into it, to plunge into it.

Although radical, Pink Colour Surgery’s work is truly accessible to those who immerse themselves in it in depth. One is unceasingly hypnotised, shaken, because its soul flirts dangerously with a furious and oppressive trance.

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  1. (Pre-Enter)
  2. Post-Post-
  3. Gamble and Dangle
  4. (Bird's Part)
  5. Crash
  6. Imagerie
  7. (88)
  8. D├ęcors
  9. (Gestures)
  10. All That Fall
  11. location.memory
  12. (traP s'driB)

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